Leading the business transformation

Protecmedia's solutions are contributing to the trouble-free transformation of media companies, thanks to the integration, modularity and global vision of business offered by the MILENIUM Cross Media platform, which encompasses the main backbone of the media business: advertising, multichannel publishing and audience management (circulation & subscriptions).

Integration entails efficiency, process optimization and quality of editorial products. Modularity makes it possible to stagger and plan better the investment. The net result is a profitable global management of the company, taking into account the audience's interests.
More than 400 clients in 25 countries provide the best possible guarantee of this tried and tested approach.

Protecmedia's solutions are typified by their innovative and open nature, which enables them to evolve and adapt to the needs of each client. For instance, as regards the editorial area, MILENIUM Cross Media allows all stages of the production process to be controlled, from editorial planning up to the final print, through the same workflow.

In addition, through a single interface for all professionals, the editor may publish, without duplicating tasks or actions, on any output channel: web, print, tablets, smartphones etc. Its modular nature allows companies to make the most of its flexibility so that it can be integrated with other solutions which the publishing company may have in the areas of management, advertising and so on.

At a time of constant technological transformation, Protecmedia offers the most modern solutions such as, for example, the universal viewer-app for iPad, iPhone and Android which allows all editors, if they consider it appropriate, to generate from the same data package the versions for all these devices.
This means that it is possible to generate the different versions from the same workflow. Thus, the editor can offer these publications for digital channels –including the ePaper version- through a single digital newsstand without increasing costs unnecessarily.
Workflows are optimized to save time, avoiding intermediate steps and therefore reducing possible errors. The result is increased production with greater quality, since professionals save time that they can use to think and, therefore, increase their creativity.