Los nueve periódicos de Latinoamérica premiados por Wan Ifra en el concurso The world best printers para 2016 a 2018 pertenecen a la ATDL

The new members of the International Newspaper Color Quality Club 2016–2018 (INCQC) have been announced by WAN-IFRA: 85 newspaper titles produced by 64 publishing and printing companies in 26 countries...

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Inscripción y credenciales para Reunión y Seminario ATDL 2016 en Lima, Perú

El Encuentro Anual de ATDL se llevará a cabo en los salones del Hotel Hilton Lima los días 28, 29 y 30 de octubre y será patrocinado por la Empresa...

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Tres claves utilizadas por Schibsted para tener éxito económico con los moviles

“If the market is changing, why aren't you?” asks Schibsted Sweden's Frida Kvarnström. “Sometimes you need to look at your strategy and see if it matches the new channels that...

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NELA entrega dos sistemas VCP al Albany Times Union

NELA is proud to announce an agreement with the Albany Times Union to provide two VCP vision punchbending systems for the press project to be completed the first quarter of 2013.

Each system will consist of a VCP punchbender for multiple web widths, blank plate feeder, four-position stacking system and a VPN connection for remote support.  Barcode scanners will enable the Times Union to both track plates and sort plates by publication for the new four-tower KBA Commander CL press to be installed later this year.

According to Dan Couto, Director of Operations and Facilities Planning, the Times Union staff liked the NELA product, track record in the industry, history with KBA installations and the overall NELA team.

NELA forms the largest register control and plate automation company in the printing industry. Register systems include inline punch and bending system for offset presses both Newspaper and Commercial and plate automation and transportation systems. With more than 1,700 Vision PunchBender systems installed worldwide, NELA is the leading technologist in the world and a state-of-the-art manufacturer in plate automation and register systems.

Asamblea ATDL en Lima, Perú 2016



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