The global market leader for Webfed offset presses, Manroland Web Systems GmbH, takes a successful turn in 2015. Sales revenues are expected at about 240 Mio. EUR in total. Order intake for new machines will amount to approximately 140 Mio. EUR and, therefore, represents a significant increase compared to 2014. As a result, the worldwide market share will exceed 40 per cent.

Alexander Wassermann will start as second managing director at Manroland Web Systems in Augsburg in January 2016. | © Manroland Web Systems

Said managing director, Jörn Gossé, ‘The company’s earnings before tax (EBT) will be positive as well, expected at a median single-digit-million EUR amount. Due to the raised order intake level further improved profits are expected for 2016. Our growth is based on market share gains still in a stagnating market environment. Furthermore, we improved our position in the market for digital printing systems achieving joyful growth rates with our digital finishing lines.’

Management team extended as of 2016
In January 2016, Alexander Wassermann (50) will start as second managing director of Manroland Web Systems in Augsburg, next to Joern Gossé. The career of Alexander Wassermann comprises a successful 16-year engagement for the paper machine business unit of Voith, Heidenheim. At last he was employed at Bielomatik Leuze GmbH, in Neuffen / Ulm, a manufacturer for printing press accessories. As of January, Alexander Wassermann will be responsible for service, production and human resources, while Joern Gossé will continue to be responsible for new machinery sales, the subsidiaries, technology and finance. Joern Gossé, however, is considering a new engagement in northern Germany in the medium term.