Dirección: Calle 14 y 9, Parque Industrial Pilar
Ciudad: Buenos Aires
País: Argentina
Delegado: Andreas Schwald
Cargo: Gerente General
email: bottchersud@bottchersud.com.ar
teléfono: 054-0322-466200
Web: www.boettcher.de

At the heart of the entire world-wide Böttcher operation is the rubber. Every Böttcher roller is made from this “gourmet” formula produced exclusively in Germany. This rubber is mixed to meet exacting technical standards according to recipes created by Böttcher’s research.

The rubber is shipped to Böttcher manufacturing plants throughout the world. Years of industrial practice is applied to the mixing, casting, calendaring, vulcanizing, grinding, calibrating, and testing of the roller components to yield THE Böttcher roller. Much of the equipment is computer controlled; lasers are used to ensure that every roller meets the demanding tolerances of OEM. Equipment in Böttcher plants are designed and built by Böttcher engineers. All Böttcher plants are ISO 9001 Certified.

The re-covering process entails several steps. Every stage is manned by skilled operators and inspected by quality assurance specialists. This process is longer, and has more steps than others use. But it takes time and attention to detail to make a superior roller. Some of the steps, such as the curing of the rubber after vulcanization, are processes that cannot be rushed.

The grinding process is computer controlled to guarantee that every roller is a perfect cylinder. Lasers scan the final roller to check the dimensions. This is one reason why Böttcher rollers deliver consistent printing results-because the rollers are true.