Dirección: Vicente Yañez Pinzón 110, 53310
Ciudad: México D.F.
País: México
Delegado: Massimo Indingaro
Cargo: Responsable para América Latina
teléfono: +41 44 938 60 00
fax +41 44 938 60 60
Office Phone +41 44 938 65 09
email: massimo.indingaro@ferag.ch
Web: www.ferag.com

Ferag AG
Zürichstrasse 74
CH-8340 Hinwil

As a company with worldwide operations in the area of postpress processing of newspapers, magazines, and illustrated printing materials, we plan and implement complex overall solutions on the engineering level. We supply and install total systems as well as individual components.
Our headquarters are located in Hinwil near Zurich, Switzerland, and employ around 850 people.

Around the world nineteen sales and distribution companies are acting for us, which are combined with WRH Marketing.